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CLIDE - Learn to Save


e-CLIDE work on the platform on corporate training needs by offering the most relevant and immediately applicable skills and knowledge to meeting budget and company objectives.

Understanding the importance of continuing education for employees, e-CLIDE give you the valuable tools like talent management, integrality that help your company gain a competitive edge.

e-CLIDE LMS focuses on management expectations, performance goals and expected outcomes to create individually?tailored solutions by offering tracking progress of each individual.

e-CLIDE LMS work on cloud based and hosted solution which makes it easy to create courses and assign to your learners on virtually any device.

e-CLIDE LMS includes flexible user management, integrated certificates, reporting system, e-Learning and classroom courses management, video-conferencing integration, skills management.

Some of e-CLIDE features include:

Simplified, flexible user management ,personalized content based on each individual's role, reporting system, video-conferencing integration, skills management ,universal mobile access with native iOS and Android apps, , integrated certificates, and social and collaborative learning tools, including group based course, discussion forum, blogs, wikis, chat and expert networks.

1) Skill-specific education also known as competency-based education (CBE) is expanding to institutions and generating new education technology products and platforms,

2) Social learning facilitated by technology and the acceptance of MOOCs is a new and viable instructional method, and

3) Learning-on-the-go supported not just by mobile devices and internet connectivity, but by the availability of sophisticated applications with few barriers will expand learning to students seeking flexible access to education.